with Dr. Jessica


Tapping Into Your Gifts

Who is this for? This is for individuals who need to learn the basics and recognize their gifts.

Week 1 - Meditation and Grounding

  • importance of meditation and grounding

  • guidance on how to meditate and ways to communicate with your higher self

  • different ways to ground

Week 2 - Chakras

  • importance of chakras

  • learn about the 7 chakras

  • ways to balance your chakras

Week 3 - Clairs

  • What are Clairs?

  • What are your Clairs?

  • How to master the Clairs you already have

  • How to activate clairs you currently aren't experiencing

Week 4 - Archangels, Spirits, & Guides

  • Overview of the major Archangels

  • How to call in your archangels, spirits, and guides for assistance

Week 5 - Divination

  • Learn the basics of Tarot, Oracle, and Pendulum

  • Exploration of divination tools best suited for your gifts

Week 6 - Review/Questions & Answers


Become A Reader

Who is this for? This is for individuals who already know the basics and want to master their gifts. 

Week 1 - Tarot Readings

  • learn about the different reading spreads

  • show you how I do my readings

  • practiced reading with feedback

Week 2 - Oracle Readings

  • when to use oracle cards

  • show you how I do my readings

  • practiced reading with feedback

Week 3 - Pendulum

  • how to program your pendulum

  • doing basic yes/no questions 

  • when to use during tarot, oracle, and spirit readings

Week 4 & 5 - Spirit Readings

  • Ways to do readings

  • Ways to connect with spirits

  • Mediumship/Spirit Reading Practice

Week 6 - Review/Questions & Answers

Mentorship Options

1:1 Mentorship Option - $200 USD

The Beginner and Advanced mentorship program both include 6 - 1 hour Online Zoom Sessions

Group Mentorship Option - $120 USD per mentee

This option is if you know a few people interested in the mentorship option and would like to do it in a group. Dr. Jessica will not facilitate in finding mentees. This will be the responsibility of the mentees. 3 Mentees Minimum for the group price. The Beginner and Advanced mentorship program in group format both include 6 - 90 minute Online Zoom Sessions

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