with Dr. Jessica



You will have access to hours of content in 16 categories!! Dr. Jessica has been on her spiritual journey since she was 15 years old. She has worked with the best in the industry and after many requests, she decided to make an all in one shop for you.


Dr. Jessica has been part of many courses and memberships where she felt the information was dragged out or the community created was lacking. This is a community for like-minded individuals who want to uplevel, spiritually heal, and manifest the life of their dreams. Dr. Jessica understands the importance of time so she provides the information in a short and sweet fashion so you can get the information and continue with your day. 


Learn some of Dr. Jessica's secrets and favorites of spiritual healing!

There are various pre-recorded videos, documents, journal prompts, exercises, etc. The membership is designed as a place you can come daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed. This is a safe place to be your true, authentic self while getting support on your spiritual, healing journey. 




This section is where you will find everything on manifestation! You will learn the simple steps to manifestation, visualization exercises, and raising your vibrations. If you want a more in-depth, step by step course on manifestation, check out the Breakthrough & Manifestation Program.

Self Love


This section is all about loving yourself fiercely! You will learn how to be more assertive, living your truth, the importance of a routine, judgment, human connection, importance of self-care, and so much more!



This section is where you will find how to mindset reset. You will learn about the unconscious mind,  how to transform negative thoughts to positive thoughts, how to create and stick to affirmations, gratitude, choosing thoughts that feel good, the power of your mind, trusting yourself, stress, and so much more!


This section is all about spiritual, physical, and mental healing. You will learn how to release things that do not serve you, forgiveness, healing limiting beliefs, re-writing your story, breaking generational patterns, decluttering, self-sabotage, resilience, self-esteem and so much more!

Goal Setting


This section is to help you with goal setting. You will learn how to plan for the future, creating clear goals, the power of intention, setting new habits, learning the importance of your WHY, time management, and so much more!



This section is all about career and entrepreneurship from figuring out what is your why, fear of failure, success, steps to creating your dream business, what is preventing you from crushing it, why are working somewhere you are unhappy at, and so much more! 



This section is where you will find everything about love and relationships from boundaries, healing for breakups, expectations when dating, attracting a partner, spotting a narcissist, stepping into your worth in a relationship, how to stop settling, and so much more!



This section is all about healing your relationship with your body. You will learn how to make healthy choices, feeling confident in your body, creating body boundaries, exploring why you are resistant to change, and so much more!



This section is where you will find all things spiritual from being an empath, protecting your energy, managing your energy, working with spirit guides, meditations, numerology, gemstones and so much more. 

Single Moms


This section is all about being a single parent. In this category, you will learn how to make time for you, the importance of self-love, still following your dreams, self-worth, how awesome you are, and everything else that involves being a single parent.

Positive Parenting

Children don’t come with a handbook. In this category we will discuss positive parenting strategies, what to do when you make a mistake, and everything else involving parenting.



This section is where you will find all things about finances from your money story, debt, forgiving money, manifesting money, managing money, and so much more!



In this section, you will learn about mindfulness and mindfulness training.

Universal Laws


This section you will learn about the hidden power of Universal Laws!



This section is specifically for women suffering from endometriosis. In this category, we will explore the importance of loving yourself through the pain, giving yourself grace, using affirmations while experiencing pain, the importance of self-love, the importance of self-care,  and much more!



In this section you will find meditations, recommended books, playlists, and other resources to assist on your spiritual journey.

Membership Plan Options

​Monthly Membership $22/month

  • Forum

  • Monthly Group Zoom Calls (approximately 45 minutes, starting December 2020)

Yearly Membership - $222/year

  • Everything in monthly membership

  • 1 FREE Full Oracle Reading per year (Value $66)

  • Access to Breakthrough & Manifestation Program (Value $111)

  • Access to Soul Balance Academy (Value $222 - Soul Balance Academy launching soon)

Yearly Membership VIP - $444/year

  • Everything in monthly membership

  • Everything in the yearly membership (Value $399)

  • Two 50 minute 1:1 sessions (Value $167)

My wish for you is to own your mess.

My wish for you is to take your pain and turn it into your purpose.

My wish for you is to learn to be your true authentic self because it is from that space where you are the most powerful.


It is from that space where you can tap into the abundance of the Universe and create the life you dream about.

You deserve that!! 


My role here is to share my secrets and to show you the path of spiritual healing so that you can live the life you want without any limitations.