Breakthrough & manifestation

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Everything you desire is meant to be yours! The Universe has an infinite amount of abundance. The trick is to tap into it!

It is time to tune into your higher self and manifest the life you always wanted.

  • You are worthy of the car.

  • You are worthy of the relationship.

  • You are worthy of the house.

  • You are worthy of the business.

  • You are worthy of everything you want in life.

We will dive into what is holding you back from manifesting your dreams and teach you how to become your true, authentic self. You deserve to live the life you always imagine. Take the leap, spiritually heal, and learn how to manifest everything.

Breakthrough & Manifestation Program Preview

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You will have access to hours of content in 16 categories!! Dr. Jessica has been on her spiritual journey since she was 15 years old. She has worked with the best in the industry and after many requests, she decided to make an all in one shop for you.


Dr. Jessica has been part of many courses and memberships where she felt the information was dragged out or the community created was lacking. This is a community for like-minded WOMEN who want to uplevel, spiritually heal, and manifest the life of their dreams. Dr. Jessica understands the importance of time so she provides the information in a short and sweet fashion so you can get the information and continue with your day. 

Learn some of Dr. Jessica's secrets and favorites of spiritual healing!

There are various pre-recorded videos, documents, journal prompts, exercises, etc. The membership is designed as a place you can come daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed. This is a safe place to be your true, authentic self while getting support on your spiritual, healing journey. 

Membership Preview

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