Private 1:1 Coaching

Each session will be individualized on what negative thoughts or behaviors need to be addressed. Together, we will create a plan on removing any self-sabotaging blockages, reprogramming your thoughts, working through forgiving yourself and people that have harmed you, increasing your self-worth and self-esteem, being more mindful, how to put yourself first, how to get the courage to tell people NO, and LIVING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS.

Breakthrough & Manifestation Program​

If you are looking for a program to help you break through mindset barriers and manifest the life of your dreams, look no further. This is Dr. Jessica's signature program for just that. This is a 6 module program that includes pre-recorded videos, exercises, affirmations, and journal prompts. If you want to experience a major breakthrough and manifest the life of your dreams, then this is the program for you! Everything you desire is meant to be yours!

Soul Balance Academy

Launching Soon. Stay Tuned

This is Dr. Jessica’s signature program for spiritual healing. Dr. Jessica shares with you all her secrets on how she went through the process of spiritual healing, mastering her thoughts, and undoing and re-writing toxic generational patterns to become her true, authentic self and live the life of her dreams. This is a 9 module program that includes pre-recorded videos, exercises, affirmations, journal prompts, and bonus pre-recorded videos,. If you want to experience a major transformation, living your life as your true authentic self, and open the flood gates for abundance and happiness, this course is meant for you!



There are currently 16 categories with hours of content including various pre-recorded videos, pre-recorded voice recordings, documents, journal prompts, exercises, affirmations, etc.



This 6 week program is for individuals who need to learn the basics and recognize their gifts.

Week 1: Meditation and Grounding

Week 2: Chakras

Week 3: Clairs

Week 4: Archangels, Spirits, and Guides

Week 5: Divination

Week 6: Review/Questions and Answers


This 6 week program is for individuals who already know the basics and want to master their gifts. 

Week 1: Tarot Readings

Week 2 : Oracle Readings

Week 3: Pendulum

Week 4 & 5 - Spirit Readings

Week 6: Review/Questions and Answers

1:1 Mentorship and Group Mentorship Options Available

Distant Reiki​ Session

Reiki is a method of relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes healing. Japanese in origin, the word “Rei” means Spirit or Soul and “Ki” refers to the Life Force Energy that flows through all living things. Reiki is sometimes called Universal Life Force Energy.

It is believed that one’s “ki” should be strong and free-flowing. When this is true, one’s body and mind are in a positive state of health. It is said that when this energy becomes weak or blocked, symptoms of illness arise. The technique of Reiki re-balances the flow of energy in and around the body to help return it to a vibrant, positive state of health.

Reiki is a natural, gentle, and powerful way of healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. As part of the process, Reiki enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself and is an ideal complement to both medical and holistic health care treatments.

Intuitive Psychic Reading

Dr. Jessica is an intuitive reader that utilizes Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairvoyance (clear seeing), and Clairalience (clear smelling) to receive messages from spirit and only benevolent Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides. 

I am honest and do not sugar coat. I relay messages so clients can move forward feeling empowered and validated. I present to you the options that you have and any choice you make after that is a valid choice because you have free will.

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