Breakthrough & Manifestation Program​

with Dr. Jessica

Everything you desire is meant to be yours! The Universe has an infinite amount of abundance. The trick is to tap into it!

It is time to tune into your higher self and manifest the life you always wanted.

  • You are worthy of the car.

  • You are worthy of the relationship.

  • You are worthy of the house.

  • You are worthy of the business.

  • You are worthy of everything you want in life.

We will dive into what is holding you back from manifesting your dreams and teach you how to become your true, authentic self. You deserve to live the life you always imagine. Take the leap, spiritually heal, and learn how to manifest everything.

Program Details

Module 1:If You Were Given No Restraints, What Would Your Dreams And Goals Look Like?


The first step of manifestation is to become clear of your goals and set powerful intentions. In this module you will learn how to do just that. 

Module 2: What Is Holding You Back?

We will investigate what is holding you back from manifesting your dreams.

Module 3: The Power Of Thoughts!

Are your thoughts aligned with what you want? This module is the most important one! You will learn how to master your thoughts, break through resistance, raise your vibrations, and re-create your story.

Module 4: Energy Awareness 

Here you will learn how to tune into your higher self and intuition, as well as how to become aware of energy and manage it.

Module 5: Celebration 

You will learn about the importance of celebration and how to trick your unconscious mind into believing you already have what you want.

Module 6: Steps of Manifestation Summary

We will outline each step of manifestation and learn manifestation rituals.

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Stop living a life of mediocracy and start tuning into your higher power. 


It is time to make your dreams a reality. 


It is time to learn how to tap into the infinite abundance of the universe.


It is time to break through old patterns and become a Manifestation Queen/King.

Dr. Jessica is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Social Worker, Reiki Master, Self Love Coach, Manifestation Coach, and Spiritual Healer. Dr. Jessica’s mission is to empower spiritual, mental, and physical awareness through mindful, practical, and spiritual applications. She has helped hundreds of people throughout her career learn how to love and accept themselves, remove blockages impeding on their health, and tune into their higher self.

Dr. Jessica understands that life's challenges are unique and complex to all individuals. She is here to help you find yourself, align with your true authentic self, and realize your full potential. 

Together we will uplevel your energy, unlock your true potential, and uncover your unique gifts, so you can finally start living an authentic life.

About Dr. Jessica

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